First Version Finally Up and Ready for the start of the 2016 NHL Playoffs

The first version of is finally launched. We decided to launch it just in time for the 2016 NHL Playoffs. Now fans can follow what’s going on in the playoffs,  the endless trade rumors swirling around the league, as well as the build up to the upcoming draft. Who knows maybe Edmonton Oilers might win the draft lottery again.

So what is is an app that displays today’s hockey news in a simple easy-to-use interface. It compiles articles written by media outlets and bloggers and organizes them team by team. The application is great for avid hockey fans that like to follow the NHL as well as more hardcore fantasy hockey players that need to know what’s going on with specific players.

As we add more sources, we will be releasing more features and filtering options to improve the user experience. Feel free to submit a source.  

It is going to a be lot of fun so enjoy the app and the hockey. Create an account and follow news and blog posts regarding your favourite NHL hockey teams.

Author: Editor

Editor in chief. Gives me a chance to talk about hockey since my wife hates sports.

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