Changing of the Guard – Alternative Top Fantasy Hockey Picks

Time has passed and some players have aged. Just because you are used to picking them for the last 5 to 10 years, it may be time to start thinking of alternatives. Here are some players that you should consider not picking in your fantasy hockey draft and some alternative options:

Henrik Zetterberg – Center

Zetterberg is currently 35 years old and he has seen his best times pass him. Cobwebs are definitely in his knees and the Hank and Pav show is now over. He can probably get 50 points but 80 will be hard to get. Who can you pick at center instead of Hotrod:

Ryan Johansen

Ryan Johansen will be playing his first full year with the Nashville Predators. Last year in 42 regular games, he accumulated 34 points. This year should be pretty productive and he can definitely get to 70+ points. In addition, the Predators have now switched Shea Weber for P.K. Subban and seem to be switching to a more offensive style of play. With Forsberg and Neal both having 30+ goal seasons last year, RyJo will have plenty of players to pass to.

Boone Jenner

Not a very known name since playing in a small market team and still very young, but keep him in mind. In only is second full season, he scored 30 goals on a very bad team. Assuming Columbus is better this year, Boone Jenner can have another high scoring season.

Daniel Sedin – Left Wing

Daniel Sedin is believe it or not already 36 years old. Time flies when you’re scoring and making crazy plays with your twin brother. However, 36 is old and his most productive years are definitely passed him. He can still probably get 60 points. But he and his brother will not be as effective as they once were. There are definitely other options at left wing that can be considered before automatically picking Daniel Sedin.

Johnny Gaudreau

Otherwise known as Johnny Hockey, Johnny Gaudreau is a rising hockey super star. Even though is small compared to the average, he is an absolute wizard on the ice. In addition, the game has changed over the years and small players have a better chance of thriving. Gaudreau can defintely hit 80 points this season and finish the year in the top 10 for points.

Filip Forsberg

Filip Forsberg did not work out for the Washington Capitals. But after being traded to the Nashville Predators, he has found his game and has become a very crafty player. After 2 full seasons of hitting 63+ points, this year he can potentially reach new career highs. Again, Nashville’s game is moving more towards offense and therefore Forsberg can definitely benefit especially with new players Johansen and Subban. One of the young promising Swedes in the league.

Corey Perry – Right Wing

Corey Perry has been a staple 1st or 2nd round fantasy hockey pick for years. He gets points, penalties, shots … u name it. However, it is hard to predict his points production as it can range from 50 to 80 points. He tends to have up and down years. So before picking a right wing, take a look at the following 2 options as these players are rising.

Blake Wheeler

Wheeler had his most productive season last year where he amassed 78 points in the regular season. He has become the leader of the Winnipeg Jets and even though he is the same age as Perry, he seems to be playing his best hockey. It is probably safer to go with Wheeler over Perry in terms of points. He will also get you a good amount of penalty minutes as well. Another reason to take Blake Wheeler is the breakout season of Mark Scheifele last year. Scheifele will definitely help Wheeler get points.

Nikita Kucherov

With the absense of Stamkos, the Lightning relied on Kucherov to get them goals in tough games. He has emerged as another top Russian in the league and will definitely be at the top of the league for goals, assists and points. I can see him getting to 80 points this season.

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