Fantasy Hockey Picks That Have Not Produced in 2016

Christmas has passed, gifts have been opened and we have searched for the best shopping deals we could find on Boxing Day. But is it really the season to be jolly. Have your top fantasy hockey picks produced after a third of the season has been completed? Let’s take a look at some fantasy hockey pick busts.

1. Jamie Benn – Draft position avg. 4.8, Avg. round 1.1

Jamie Benn has on average been chosen in 5th place in 2016 Yahoo Hockey Fantasy Drafts and is currently sitting in 21st place in scoring. 21st place is pretty decent, but I think many people felt Benn would be in at least the top 10 in scoring and perhaps even in the top 5. Considering you may have picked him as your top point producing forward, you can be pretty annoyed seeing Cam Atkinson, Jakub Voracek and Leon Draisaitl producing better than your top pick.

2. John Tavares – Draft position avg. 11.7, Avg. round 1.4

John Tavares is definitely having a down year. I think after losing a solid scoring partner in Matt Moulson and then losing a second even better winger in Kyle Okposo, constant line changes have not boded well for his production this year. On Boxing Day, he stands at 50th in scoring. This guy absolutely needs get out of Brooklyn and find a good organization that is willing to pay players. The Islanders have some good youth, but John Tavares needs a better support cast so that he can be producing at the rate he should be. 50th in scoring is horrible for his caliber of player.

3. Johnny Gaudreau – Draft position avg. 9.8, Avg. round 1.2

Johnny Gaudreau has had an ice cold start. Along with an injury, he’s at 84th in scoring. If you picked him with your 1st pick, you must be irritated. I would definitely be cheesed off. I think this year the cat is out the bag and everybody in the NHL including Canadian grandmothers in Alberta know Johnny hockey got some sick skills. Nobody is going to give this guy a break and let him wield his magic on the ice. The Flames are going to have to play better as a team to let Gaudreau have the room to produce on the ice.

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